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What Sets eDental Billing Apart?

Unbeatable Value

Your insurance claims will be paid and you will collect more, or you don’t pay us.  We are one of the only dental billing companies on the planet that offer a 30-day free trial.  We also offer some of the lowest rates of any billing company, at 3.25% of collections. 

We have no startup fees and provide free EHR.  We work with the billing software you have, and offer a free Practice Management System if you don’t have software.  We also provide free assistance with the software.  Moreover, we don’t require you to enter into a long-term contract, but rather we operate on a month-to-month basis. 

If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, you pay nothing.  We will ensure that 95% of your claims will pass the first time.  eDental Billing is faster at handling EOBs than any of our competitors.

Thorough Attention to Detail

We will handle posting of charges and EOBs within 24 hours of being scanned into the system (most other billing companies take 2 business days or longer).  Then we follow up with insurers and appeal all denied claims so that you are fully compensated.  Primary and secondary claims are processed daily, and undergo a detailed correction analysis of missing patient information and eligibility verification.  This ensures that your bottom line will increase in a timely and efficient manner.


Additionally, we assign you a manager that will provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly reports.  We want to keep you updated and on the same page, with free-flowing communication.  We are determined to bring down your insurance account balances over 90 days to zero, leaving no stone unturned.

Save Time, Save Money

It’s estimated that a practice with 6,200 claims per year can save as much as $42,000 annually by outsourcing its billing services function.  Even one claim being paid when it would have been rejected will be worth the cost of a billing service.  Most billing services charge between 5 and 14 percent of a provider’s collections.  We leave the competition in the dust with our unparalleled 3.25% rate, no matter the size of your practice or organization.

Time spent on billing can now instead be used for seeing more patients—and increasing you­r revenue as well.  It is simply not cost-efficient to try and do the administrative side yourself.  You also don’t have to worry about hiring someone and setting up an office space for them.  Our staff will never call in sick, and is available to you around the clock.

We understand that a majority of dental practices have less of a budget than some other medical practices.  Thus, the provider or a staff member must take care of the billing tasks, including accounts receivable issues.  As a result, practices collect less than 70% of claims. 

Do Your Job, and We'll Do Ours

First, you’ll send us all of your billing information, such as day sheets, patient information, etc.  This will be done via a secure fax line and email in order to maintain privacy.  Upon collecting this data, we begin your claims process by entering insurance, patient, and visit information.  We handle any claim denials, verify the insurance, and process the claim.  In case you need to make a correction or change in the information, contact us at any time and we will update the claim.  We also take care of Medicaid and Medicare claims.


We will closely examine authorization processing reports, and continuously follow up on unpaid or denied claims.  As a result, you will find that fewer claims are refused as we continue to work together.  Reimbursements will come in quicker, and you will be getting larger payments.  We understand how frustrating it can me fighting with insurance companies over partial payments, and we will step up to the plate and make sure you get what you are rightfully owed.


Most importantly, you will be able to offload cognitive resources–and save financial resources in the process–by delegating this cumbersome process to experienced specialists.  You want to put all of your energy and focus on your patients, and not have to deal with office staff and constant back-and-forth with insurance companies.  We know your time is valuable, and we want you to channel that time into helping others.