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Countless Benefits of Dental Billing

There are countless benefits to outsourcing your dental billing to a team of trained and experienced individuals who have been providing billing services for many years.  Billing for dental professionals can be nerve-racking because you’re putting your practice in the hands of a dental billing company.  The trick is in sifting out the winners from the wannabes when it comes to reliable and effective dental billing companies.  Medical billing for dentists is an integral part of a dentist practice, and it’s best to offload dentist billing to a third-party dental billing service at an affordable rate, so that the office staff and providers can put all of their focus and attention on their patients.

Dental Billing Companies in the USA

Dental billing companies in the USA are able to offload many tasks that can bog down the front desk of a dental practice.  Billing services for dentist professionals can take over the insurance billing part while your in-house staff can explain insurance coverage and treatment plans to patients.  Dentists billing service companies essentially free up time for the practice to build stronger relationships with patients.

Dental billing services will call insurance companies, freeing up an office’s phone lines for patient appointment scheduling.  Dental billing companies will also make sure patient data is entered in properly, so that there is no chance for error from the office side.  Dental billing also includes verification of benefits, something that also can cause staff to be on the phone.  Billing for dental professionals should not have to create a crossfire of phone calls in a practice, leading to an unprofessional appearance to patients.  Leave the outbound phone calling to a dental billing company.

Outsource Billing Services for Dentist Practices

When dealing with medical billing for dentists, there are also frequent coding changes.  A competent dental billing service is always ahead of the curve, making sure there is no chance for claim denials when doing dentist billing.  Dental billing companies in USA also can relieve the burden of hiring in-house staff.  With rising minimum wages and inflation, it is much more cost-effective to outsource billing services for dentist practices.  Not to mention, many in-house hires lack the expertise and experience to do billing, whereas a good dentists billing service will typically have a large team of billers that have several years’ experience of only doing dental billing.

Subpar dental billing companies on the other hand, suffer from a plethora of mistakes.  One is that many companies are increasing rates on not only new clients, but their existing clients.  This can be almost double the rate of what they were charging.  This causes many of their clients to jump ship, as this is not how you reward loyalty to your customer base.  It’s important to find a billing company that offers a low rate–and will lock that rate in for as long as the client is active with the company.  Trust and loyalty between client and billing company is everything.

Some dental billing services will become overwhelmed with clients, and thus the services suffer.  Clients should not have to feel the burden of a dental billing company’s CEO who isn’t able to properly staff and lead his or her company.  A strong relationship should instead be built between CEO and client, so that the client knows he or she is always taken care of. Finally, the dental billing service must be responsive and attentive. Many dental billing companies take extended amounts of time to respond to clients’ requests, don’t respond at all, or become defensive with clients. It’s imperative that strong interpersonal relationships are built and solidified between client, CEO, and billing manager, so that the system runs smoothly.

Alex Trent, MA, MS

Alex Trent, MA, MS

Alex is a dental billing expert, and helps dental professionals collect more revenue as owner of eDental Billing.